Kefi And the Interaction of Colour

imageWhich among the pinks is the pinkest pink? 

I’m re-reading Interaction of Colour by Josef Albers, a fascinating and instructive way of going deeper into my preoccupation with colour.

Below are some of the important points that he makes in this book:

* Our visual memory is poor when we try to remember distinct colours

* Vocabulary for colour is inadequate with only around 30 colour names

* Colour is the most relative medium in art with one colour evoking many readings

* Developing our sensitivity for colour will make us more sensitive period

* Developing an eye for colour involves seeing how one colour effects another and how form and placement effect perception

* Few people are able to distinguish higher and lower light intensity between different hues

* Colour proximity leads to optical effects and mixing such as the Bezold Effect

* Boundaries between colours can be made practically invisible by the choice of colour

* Everyone has preferences for certain colours and combinations as well as prejudices against others

His leaf studies, the playing around with tints and shades, modulations and shapes, are great to engage with at this time of the year.


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