10 Ways to Appreciate Abstract Art

Red Energy

Red Energy 2015

1.  Look at the art in the same way that you would listen to a symphony. Surrender and let go of thinking.

2. You don’t have to articulate anything. Abstract art is beyond language and touches the most primitive part of ourselves.

3.  Give the piece your utmost attention and note any feelings and emotions that arise.

4. It is OK if the piece evokes images and associations in your mind but this was not the intention of the artist.

4. Let your eyes dance around the artwork. Is your gaze drawn to certain parts?

5. Can it hold your attention for more than a few minutes? Try to stay with it for 10 minutes – be patient and give the piece time to work on your unconscious.

6.  Be comfortable with uncertainty. You don’t have to “get it”. Try to forego the need for closure.

7.  Colour is an easily accessible way into most abstract art, followed by shape, texture and title.

8. Be still, can you feel the energy of the piece?

9. Find out when it was made. Art always reflects the spirit of the time.

10. If you are in a gallery which is your favourite piece in the room? Answer on a gut level without thinking why. Some pieces of art will speak to you more than others.


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