Bold Expressions And Healthy Passions



I love the Philip Sutton painting called “What No Words Can Paint!” It consists of three robins in a tree with a vivid blue, all encompassing, background. Parts of the painting are illuminated with a circumference of glowing light as if to proclaim the magnificence of the feeling that the image portrays.  With his exuberant colour Sutton is expressing his inner vision and seduces us with its glorious freedom and clarity.

I’ve begun to understand that my paintings and the marks within them are often ahead of my thinking and understanding. It is universally accepted that art helps people express experiences that are too difficult to put into words.  It is also acknowledged that art, whether consuming or producing, has an impact on brain waves and emotions, calms the nervous system and increases serotonin levels.  I agree with all of the benefits to creativity outlined here except possibly number 3 …any artist let loose in an art shop will tell you that it may be healthy but it is not always a cheap passion!


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