Eva Rothschild…a Black and Red and Green Reading of the World

“The ideal way to look at art is to be permenently confused.” Eva Rothschild

I have been enthralled by two of Eva’s sculptures so far this year – Stairways at the Mead Gallery and This and This and This at Sculpture in the Close.  With one situated on the ground and the other hanging suspended from the ceiling both pieces command a monumental presence and solidly occupy space with a minimal amount of material. They are at one and the same time precarious yet also inherently well balanced. They seem to be saying more about the view through space and framing than about mass and volume. The way that they highlight the quality of having an inside or interior gives a very strong sense of the feminine and the mystical. With their pyramidal shapes and suggestive titles I wonder if the artist is playfully toying with the Buddhist concept of impermanence and the mutability of life.

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