When the student is ready…

Dream Weave - Unseen Energies

Dream Weave – Unseen Energies © JudithAnnBrown


Preliminary study for Dream Weave

“The Dream Weave responds to the changes we make in ourselves and offers us new opportunities every time we open our perceptions to new possibilities, changing the habits that could have kept us stuck in a rut.”

Jamie Sams

Any chance that I get and I am avidly reading the life stories of artists, particularly women and their differing mixes of relationships, motherhood and work. I remember doing the same with writers just before I set out on my degree in English Literature at eighteen. At the moment it is Elizabeth Frink that I am enamoured with.

 There is a lovely little introduction to her in this video with words by her son Lin Jammet.  It is clear that experience and proximity to war imbued Elizabeth’s work with a lasting concern for the fragility of the human body. She famously said “I have focused on the male because to me he is a subtle combination of sensuality and strength with vulnerability.”

Walking Madonna is a bold and compelling statement about human dignity and strength, it has also been seen as a metaphor for the artist’s life. What strikes me from reading about her life is that she is an inspirational mix of complexity and contradiction. There is also a tremendous sense of the discipline that she applied to her work. She died too young at 63, which is stimulus enough for me to treasure every art making minute.


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