The Beauty of Memory – Wanting to Play

imageSo if we can change our memories and make them beautiful then I want a raspberry ripple and vanilla ice cream set of memories where I was cherished and encouraged as an artist.  I didn’t have to uncover the painter after talking therapy…it was simply safe to explore her. I wasn’t in hiding with  crashing, conflicting emotion it was simply alright to unleash her.

An attempt to balance colour and form, light and rhythm.

Try to contain the artistic spirit and it all gets a bit messy.

A clean palette mired at the edges.

Leonardo Drew talks about ideas being present in the body in a way which is as as fundamental as DNA. With the physical  making of the artwork there is a simultaneous and spontaneous inward process or journey.

He believes that there is “some form of history that flows through each of us and then comes out. Then we have to move on.”


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