Art to see 2016


Alluding to Irises

“To be with art is all we ask.” Gilbert and George

December is upon us and I am looking forward to what’s on next year. Tate never fails to satisfy… O’ Keeffe, Rauschenberg and Nash – but this list of highlights is a little more wide-ranging.

  1.  Winifred Knights at Dulwich Picture Gallery. Only five great completed masterpieces so a brave call by the Director, Ian Dejardin, ‘I like to put on exhibitions that other galleries won’t’.
  2. Mary Heilmann at Whitechapel Gallery.  Delicious inspiration.
  3. Seeing Round Corners at Turner Contemporary.  This certainly looks worth making a trip to see. It’s curated by artists David Ward (love his Charm, Beauty and Strangeness series) and Jonathan  Parsons. Works by Flanagan, Kapoor, Hepworth, Nash, David  Batchelor ( Chromophobia, his contribution to the colour theory discourse, is a must read), Richard Long and Ben Nicholson…what’s not to like? If this doesn’t excite you Rose Wylie, on January to March, surely will.
  4. Park Seo-Bo at White Cube. Art with soul.
  5. Ann Veronica Janssens: yellowbluepink. A coloured mist installation at the Wellcome Trust…have to hurry for this one as it closes 3rd January but it is part of States of Mind so I’m eager to see what comes next.
  6. Modern Scottish Women : Painters and Sculptors 1885 – 1965 at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. I’m ashamed to say Joan Eardley is the only name I recognise…looks like a revelation! Claudia Massey on why she finds women only exhibitions depressing.
  7. Revolution in the Making : Abstract Sculpture by Women 1947 to 2016 Hauser and Worth. Unlikely that I’ll manage this one as it is in Los Angeles, but I can always dream!

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