Creative, Constructive


“The urge to expand, extend, develop, mature” Towards a Theory of Creativity

Carl Rogers believed that there had to be three conditions present in a person in order to allow creativity to flow.

Firstly an openness to experience, an allowing of the full awareness of a stimulus whether that stimulus be a form, a colour, a sound or a memory trace. Predetermined perception needs to be avoided. There has to be an existential seeing and feeling as if with fresh eyes, a lack of rigidity and a tolerance for ambiguity. Essentially a being in the now and a state of “breathless wonder.”

Secondly the judgement of value and worth needs to emanate from the artist. Creativity will only occur if what the artist is creating is satisfying to themselves. This doesn’t mean that they are oblivious to whether others are judging their work favourably or not. It simply means that the process of creating has to be intrinsically driven and self-fulfilling.

Lastly there needs to be a playfulness with both materials and ideas. A willingness to run with the ridiculous and explore blind alleys.



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