The Man On The Bus As Muse


This week…oil bars – what a wonderful invention. All the lusciousness of oil paint but with much less mess! They give a spontaneous, drawing quality and freedom similar to pastels or charcoal. I can’t find much information about artists using them online but this techniques video is spot on when it describes their “rich, buttery luminescence.”


Relaunched, by Winsor and Newton, in 2011 with a range of 50 colours, they can be used with tube oil paint and have a much faster drying time. The smudged and rubbed effect almost resembles watercolour. They can be thinned down with solvents to produce washes and stains.


Really enjoying experimenting.  So far I’m using painting knives and fingers to manipulate, they are great for impasto too. A real bonus, when you’re pushed for time, to have no brushes to wash at the end of a session!



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