Finding Your Painting DNA

The phrase ‘body of work’ is such an apposite one for the sublime connection that exists between an artist and their work. This morning I have read an article on branding that was pushed at me via LinkedIn and stumbled upon a video of Carroll Dunham talking about working as a painter. Advice from the former includes becoming an expert at what you do and canny self promotion. Advice from Carroll includes limiting your options, having a dedicated and committed monastic calling and following the breadcrumb trail of each painting on to the next.

This line of his spoke to me…

“thinking you know what is good, and then figuring how to kill it off in yourself so that you find something of your own.”

Dunham’s self-perpetuating quality of evolution acknowledges the importance of direction from within, rather than being bidden by outside influences. As someone approaching teenagehood, in their artistic life, I am anticipating rebelliousness anytime soon!


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