The Moment When Your Soul Is Touched


Somewhere Between Emotion And Reason (ipad drawing)

What makes an artist an artist?

The creative process, deeply bound in life story, is a fascination. Each of us has a unique and powerful drive, always involving some kind of inevitability.

The piece Floating Stone IX by Johannes von Stumm hit me right between the eyes, the first time I saw it, with a strong spiritual energy. The minimal granite and glass structure simply pulsates! In this film Johannes talks about his calling : the impossibility of him not becoming a sculptor. He says it so well.

I’ve been delightedly devouring the catalogue of the  exhibition Hard Beauty by Helaine Blumenfeld, which took place last year at The Hignell Gallery. Helaine speaks to me in so many ways but never more so than when she expresses doubt about the creative process. It is heartening to know that such an accomplished artist works on trust, in a deeply intuitive way, becoming consumed by the work.

“I always begin without a starting point” she says.

I guess what I am trying to convey is that as artists the moments when our souls are touched are the real gifts, to be listened to, because this is when we can guarantee that we are right where we need to be. Spirituality and creativity, so beautifully intertwined.



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