Moments of Art and Life

The Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge is an exciting little space putting on a diverse range of exhibitions. I can never quite understand why it is so quiet when I visit…but I am not complaining!  It makes a refreshing change to the crowd jostling and artwork glimpsing of the popular London galleries!

Until 20th May you can see Transformation by Annie Cattrell. Here we have a fabulous amalgam of sculpture, dance and art history. The experience deepens the more you become mesmerised by the movement of the bodies.

There is a beautifully produced little booklet to accompany the show with an insightful conversation between the artist and Marius Kwint, Reader in Visual Culture, University of Portsmouth.  I respond, in what seems to be the most fitting way I can, with poetry.

Eros and Heartwood
I have seen Apollo and Daphne
At twice remove,
In a moment of pure bliss
And loss.
Glanced in bark
And root
And branch.
Echoed from marble
With bare needs rapt.
These bodies twist
And sculpt my sight.
Finger to branches,
Muscle to leaves.


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