“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves…” Rainer Maria Rilke


Raw Whisperings

“I think good paintings actually don’t give you an answer. I think paintings should block you off so you should be seduced into them but … they should push you back out again. They pull and push you all the time.”

Ian McKeever

Shades Of Everyday


I just love The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd. She distils nature writing down to poetic essentials. The simplicity and beauty of her writing is breathtaking, the words are insisting to be read aloud. The entwinement of human and nature is all pervasive.

“Each of the senses is a way in to what the mountain has to give…All the aromatic and heady fragrances – pine and birch, bog myrtle, the spicy juniper, heather and the honey-sweet orchis, and the clean smell of wild thyme – mean nothing at all in words.”